Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Been A While..

Untitled. Yogyakarta, 2009 / Rony Zakaria

Yes, it has been quite a while since I wrote something here. I must admit that a lot of things happened during the last five months. It made me a bit preoccupied. That and added some laziness explained my long absence on writing here. Anyway, I now want to write an overview as a remembrance of some of those things I experienced.

In April I went to Manila, Philippines for a course in Visual Journalism diploma program. I was granted a full scholarship from Konrad Adenauer and Asian Center For Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University
for one year diploma program. It was an exciting experience since it's been a year or so from my last trip abroad and plus I never get a scholarship before. The course itself is a mixture between online learning and on-campus sessions. I had to do written and field assignments every week for the courses I enrolled and there will be two on-campus sessions, one in April which I did already and another one coming up in March next year. Well, generally so far it went so good :)

Another surprise caught on me in late July, a team consisted of me and two writers was awarded a reportage grant from Mochtar Lubis Award. The grant, named after the late veteran journalist, Mochtar Lubis,gave us financial support to pursue our proposal idea of investigative reporting on mental institutions in Jakarta. The reportage is still ongoing and hopefully by the end of November we can finish and compiled it. We are quite optimistic on it.

I pledged now to write more to pay off for my laziness. Reasons no more!


Wanderer said...

madjoe teroes boeng!

Nugroho Budianggoro said...

nice progress.. keep it up, om..

pradityo said...

always envy u my pren. just keep following ur heart.

ribka said...

reasons no more.. kalo emang sibuk gimana ya, ko? hehe.. wah lama bgt ga diupdate blognya! ditunggu artikel/foto2 terbarunya lagi lho :)