Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Harmonie - Yogyakarta, an Exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Located in Central Java, Indonesia. Yogyakarta is the smallest province in Indonesia with only approximately 3000 square kilometers. Yet, its geographical location between an active volcano and an open sea on its south bring its own uniqueness.

The Yogyakarta Sultanate resides between a volcano and the sea it composes three kingdoms that makes up Yogyakarta. It is the last existing pre-colonial sultanate in Indonesia, According to Java mythology, The Yogyakarta Sultanate is located in a perfect straight line between Mt. Merapi and Parangtritis beach, the last two are believed where two mystical kingdoms resides. Many Javanese believe the sultanate as the center of universe.

People of Yogyakarta live with an open mind and simplicity, which many believe related with their closeness with nature. This closeness brings people with many blessings from mother nature. A fertile volcanic soil to farm, sea in the south, rich with fishes and the last but not least, a peaceful heart and mind.

When Mt. Merapi erupted and the big earthquake struck Yogyakarta at almost the same time in 2006, it didn’t left vengeance instead it strengthened their connection with mother nature. To appreciate the biggest blessing given to them, a heart, mind and body synchronized with nature.

Freedom is often referred as something to fight for, something we believe that we are willing to sacrifice anything to get it. But for the people of Yogyakarta, freedom has always been a part of their daily life. It’s been a way a living, living life in harmony.

This series of photos (a total of 11) is exhibited and featured in the fifth Chobimela International Photo Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Unfortunately I couldn't be there and feel the enjoyable and enthusiastic atmosphere at the festival.