Friday, October 10, 2008

Selected Quote

"There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive."
- Jack London in The Call of The Wild

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Passing Through a Holiday

Sudirman at Peace / Rony Zakaria

I gave up an office carreer out of boring routinity and stress and so far since my desicion to resign, it had saved me from strings of void boredom. And it wasnt until last week that I've realized that holiday season is not my favourite time.

Holiday means a time when people with jobs don't have to go to work and instead they can spent it taking a break, having fun and relaxing with family and friends, doing their own stuff. But that's not the case with me, I don't have a normal routine job, I don't have to go to work everyday and I think everyday as a vacation. And when an 'real' holiday came upon me, I just lost my creativity.

Yes, I was trapped in Jakarta with nothing particular to do in mind. So I tried to do some quick getaways, first to Mt. Gede, then to Jogja, and to Jepara. I tried, tried and tried but to no avail. The train tickets were fully booked! I was destined to be in Jakarta.

Out of desperation I consoled myself. Perhaps this is the time when I have to pay my 'dues', staying in Jakarta when almost everybody was travelling elsewhere. I pledged to be content spending a real holiday in town.

One of my consolation was my bycycle. I got it second-hand from a friend recently and so I used it to wander and roam around in Jakarta. With less car and motorbike, cycling though the wide road, between the tall buildings and skycrapers of Jakarta was not bad at all, it feels really pleasant and exciting. I then visited Suropati park, a open-air public park where people can just sit down and talk or read, but the fact was everyone who's not leaving Jakarta was going to public spaces including Suropati, making it more similar to an amusement park than a quiet peaceful space. I definitely lost my creativity finding my spot. So after that, I banned every popular public spaces.

The 'Small Forrest'

In the end I found one place suitable for eliminating my time. It's a nice place just 10 minutes from my residence. It's like a small forrest inside a city, there a path for bicycle to do cross-country and there're lots of big trees where you can sit and lay down while reading books. It's a small heaven for me. I was happy.

A second place to visit oftenly during this 'contemplating' time was a darkroom. And in this dark and tiny room I spent several days to develop and print my negatives. It was ok and time passed really quick in there. It's like working in a secluded place where you are alone thinking only about the work and suddenly you look at your watch and 4 hours had passed.

Thinking again, the seemingly long days of this 'holiday', It's not the best experience but certainly I had worse and more boring than this.

So it was okay. I'm just glad that Jakarta is crowded again.