Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Last Kampong featured in Asia Views

This week Asia Views featured my story, The Last Kampong in Singapore, in their monthly regional magazine.

Asia Views is a weekly online-magazine and a monthly regional magazine. Asia Views is published by a group of leading regional media organizations, such as Malaysian Business (Malaysia), Newsbreak (Phillipines), Tempo (Indonesia) and Today (Singapore).

View the complete story of The Last Kampong in Singapore


yenny said...

wah... masuk koran mulu nih akhir2 ini.. mantepppppppp abiz !
congrats !

Rony Zakaria said...

Hei Yenn!

Thanks. Couldn't do it without you.
Waktu itu kayak main 'detektif' aja nyari2 nih kampung.

rivaphotography said...

Rony Zakaria ROCKS!! just check your website, nice job man!