Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moving On

Central Java, 2008. - Rony Zakaria.

Everything that has a beginning always has an end. That phrase sound so cliche but yet so contemporary.

I began my journey to Jogja almost three weeks ago, planned to stay for a single week but living the dream for 17 days instead. I did quite a lot, climbed Mt. Merapi, dressing as abdi dalem (Kraton Inside loyal servant) to cover The Sultan's daughter wedding, and of course meeting new faces and images.

I was very lucky to have a good friend, Oscar, who are willing to spare some space of his room for me to sleep. I never see my self as a tourist, more as a traveller. I never sleep in a hotel, I never rent a car, I never hire a guide. I don't feel I will get the real local experience and mood if I did those things, and of course I would be broke. I travel with my heart and feet not with a pack of money.

Anyway, I feel really comfort in Jogjakarta. One of the most interesting city I have visited and most desirable to stay longer and longer. But to rephrase the first sentence: Everything has to end and so is my journey. With a heavy heart and reluctant to leave the city I'm going back to Jakarta before doing another journey soon. Everything indeed has to end. But you can always restart it anytime.

And I will.


Wid said...

shame we couldn't meet Ron, perhaps next time! glad you enjoyed your trip, this place certainly has its own charm eh? ;)

Kuli Tinta said...

hi, interesting blog, I just start a blog myself and looking around what others blog are out there. I just want to know how do you start as a traveller in Indonesia? I'm finishing my study at the end of the year and I'd love to have a travel experience around Indonesia with only my cameras.

akbar said...

Wah, yogya memang kota yang menarik. salah satu benteng kebudayaan Indonesia. aku juga ingin pergi ke sana lagi.