Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Being Me

I spent my last five days travelling with buses, passing cities in East Java. It was really really exciting, thinking you didn't know about the place you're going to, what is it like, where to spend the night, almost everything was very spontaneous.

I was very lucky to have a friend of mine come along with me. I like to travel alone, I did it a lot, but there is nothing better to have a friend with you to talk with and of course to share the cost :D

After I left all my baggage, except a small bag with two pair of clothes and a camera, in Surabaya, we're off to Banyuwangi to go to Mount Ijen. On the mountain, there's a sulfur mine which is located in its crater. It was really really cold and the sulfur gas was quite an obsctacle to face, I will tell the details later on.

From there we went to Probolinggo, where we can reach Mount Bromo. It's not as though as Mount Ijen, because there's a man made stairs to reach Bromo. So to get the excitement, I persuaded, well it's more like forcing, my friend to climb Mount Batok with me. There were no stairs only a very steep path to go up. For me it was worth to climb, since you don't get any excitement by climbing stairs to a mountain, right? At least I climbed something there. It was a single kilometer by foot to go up from the plain.

Me Climbing Mt. Batok

When we're up it's so comforting and relaxing just sitting and laying there. I could see mount Semeru from the top. I want to go to Semeru someday, hopefully next year. I like beaches and sea, especially the smell and the sound of waves but being in the top of a mountain even in Mt.Batok, you have this great feeling in your mind and heart that you could not get anywhere else. I won't say it's the best feeling, but it's different. You have to be there yourself and probably you would understand.

From Bromo we travelled back to Surabaya. It was a hell of a trip. I didn't look for anything in this journey. I just want to feel and now I know the same old feeling is still there.

I'm still me.


Wid said...

haha your friend doesn't look like he's enjoying the climb. :p Be safe on the journey, mate.

si eneng said...

Hey Ron, do you know that i was born in Probolinggo? Heuheuheu...
Merry christmas, ron :D