Monday, November 26, 2007

Mixed Feeling in Cambodia

Siem Reap - Cambodia

This is my eleventh day in Cambodia. I've met so many people as I can hardly remember names, only faces. I encountered a lot of people, not only photographers, but also the local people who are very concerned about their country and their culture. I've been photographing for almost a week in Cambodia which very much related with their culture ( I will show it in my future post ) and I saw many things that kind of enlightened me in many ways.

This is not a serious post and probably not interesting at all. But I feel really amazed with different kind of emotions I had for last ten days. I was just so overwhelming for me to understand, and I'm still trying to understand why I feel this kind emotions mixed, changing everyday which I never experienced ever before. And I don't think this is homesickness.

You can say it's a mixture between trus bliss and loneliness. That's all I want to say know.

Probably I need to get drunk here to know the answer.

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Wid said...

Perhaps you're just still too excited to properly comprehend everything around you. That getting drunk idea sounds interesting though, I mean who knows. ;)

Looking forward for your photos, mate.