Monday, September 17, 2007

A Long Walk

Walking at The Semanggi Road / Rony Zakaria

Last Sunday, I walked along the Sudirman road to Sarinah, Thamrin. The idea was to do something different and maybe I will see good pictures along the way. I was accompanied by a long-time-no-see friend, Sisca JE, I met Sisca and her husband at their small anniversary celebration over 2 years go. Walking is not a new thing for me, but to walk about 4-5 kilometers is certainly not scheduled in my common days.

Anyway, I didn't have any plans to photograph certain things, it was more like a chat-walk than a street photography thing. One thing I noticed while walking those long but not tiring roads is Jakarta can be beautiful and also comfortable for pedestrians. But only if the government put an effort to reduce private cars in the street and fix the public transportation system. Then cyclists and pedestrians can enjoy the beauty and also the fresh air of Jakarta.

I was experiencing that, although only for an a hour (the Sudirman - Thamrin road is closed every sunday until 8 am for recreational sport like cycling and running.

Maybe I'm sound like a naive guy wanting and believe this can really happen in Jakarta. But I do, I do believe it can happen.

But not just now. Not yet. Surely someday.


Seorangprempuan said...

well,now your dream has come true right? hari minggu = hari bebas kndaraan bermotor euyyyyyyy yayyyy

Anonymous said...

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