Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Being here in Bali

It's already two weeks since I left Jakarta. For the last couple of weeks, I've met many people, saw many things and realized new ideas.

It's not a vacation here since I didn't go to tourist spots like I did on my last visits in Bali. Instead I just wander around, in the streets of Legian and just seeing the horizon at Kuta and Sanur beach. Simply to free my mind and also my eyes from dullness.

I do like Bali, especially when it's not to crowded with people. In the morning I can walk out in the streets and see things that freshen my mind and sometimes capture it with my camera. While in the night, the streets are quiet but not creepy and the sky are crystal clear, filled with stars. I could just lay down and look above. Call me being melancholic, but it is very comforting.

Today is June, 20th. People are coming to Bali, making it much less quiet. That is the sign for me. The time for my wandering in Bali is over. I'm going home.

Bali, you are full of enlightment, more than I can imagine.

It's time to come home, back to Jakarta. Tonight.

Kuta - June 20th, 2007

Rony Zakaria

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tata said...

Wah..bali emang mantep de :D blog loe bikin gua pengen balik zak :(
Anyway...happy bday yaaa....
Wish u all the best...sukses buat potona buat semuana....