Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meeting Kloie Picot

Kloie Picot

Yesterday, I met with Kloie Picot, a friend I know from the Lightstalkers journalists forum. She was in Jakarta before leaving to Banda Aceh the next day. She is a Canadian photographer and documentary film maker based in Taiwan. One of her work is a documentary film called "Shots That Bind". The film is about the life of Palestinian journalist who cover the conflict between Israeli and Palestinian in the border.

Kloie is kind enough to give me a copy of her film and I must say it is very good documentary film especially for journalist to watch it. During her time in Jakarta, I accompanied her to Kampung Pulo where flood stuck the heavy-populated area very badly three weeks ago. And during that short time I learnt some good tips from Kloie. If you want ot see the trailer of the film and her other works, you can checked her website www.kloie.com

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