Saturday, August 05, 2006

Being Unemployed

Well, I'm not yet unemployed but I will be out of contract by the end of August. I have been working at Software laboratory for almost 3 years. Three good, exciting but boring lately, years. So, I'm not gonna' be sad or being emotional leaving my current job by the end of the month. I've worked with quite a lot of people and bosses, many of them are nice and some of them are also my friend off work as well. But I also see some people here changed because their job, and they become the job itself, being "formal", stiff. Well, but who am I to judge them?

I've changed a lot in these past 3 years, I used to be an arrogant prick who thinks he knows everyting and better than anybody. I used to be an anti-social guy, who lives with just a computer and a modem everyday not knowing there are more to see outside. Well, I've changed but the question is, "who doesn't?".

Anyway I've been long waited for the end of my contract because I feel that I'm "done" here (at my office) a year ago. I had nothing to pursuit anymore, I had nothing to learn anymore (not that I'm super genius) and the most important thing I had no more passion doing this job. But I really grateful that I had this job, because if I had'nt worked here, I would not be the person I am now, a person I like more than the person three years ago, a person that "more like" me.

I'm not going to pursuit a career in IT like my current job, I will pursuit a career in journalism, a world where I feel challenged and motivated. To say it in a simple way : I want to be a photojournalist. Quoting Michele Wie, a young korean-born famous women golf player "You don't have to do what other people do", it justify my decision to choose journalism.

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